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About Johns Hopkins
A Legacy of Opportunity: Scholarship Support at the Johns Hopkins University

Since the day Johns Hopkins opened its doors as America's first research university, great thinkers have been drawn here. From the minds of our students and graduates have come ideas that have changed the methods of business, the sounds of music, the practice of medicine, the world of literature, the process of engineering and the direction of science.

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They come for the unique educational opportunities that can be found nowhere else.  But from the start, scholarship aid has been a crucial factor in ensuring that these best and most talented students were able to obtain a Johns Hopkins University education. During the first academic year of 1876 to 1877, nearly half of the student body was receiving financial aid.

The best and brightest still want to come to Johns Hopkins—and the need to support our students is no less urgent today than it was 135 years ago. We welcome your interest in learning more about how you can help provide opportunity—including an unprecedented university match program—for generations of great thinkers yet to come.

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