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A Legacy of Opportunity: Scholarship Support at the Johns Hopkins University

Lucas Fussell

Lucas FussellGrowing up in the American South, Lucas Fussell, Nurs ‘10, remembers sitting on his grandfather's porch, listening to stories. It was, he says, the perfect preparation to become a family nurse practitioner. "You get the best idea of what's going on with a person from the stories they tell you," he says. "One of the things I love about nursing is that it has a huge focus on prevention. It's not just about treating the disease. It's really about treating a person holistically and getting at things, if you can, before the disease even starts." Lucas's dream of bringing advanced nursing skills to rural communities in the South is possible in part because of scholarship support he received to pursue his nursing education at Johns Hopkins. After supporting himself with a full-time job to get through college, he recognized the impossibility of doing so during the rigorous and highly demanding requirements of the Accelerated Baccalaureate program. "A patient doesn't want a nurse that just skimmed through nursing school," he says. "So the financial aid was very important."


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